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Jun 12


Since the booming of the world wide web, we’ve become mired in seemingly endless issues of privacy, identity theft and who knows how many other heretofore unknown – or unnoticed – issues. I can’t say that we’ll ever be free … Continue reading

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May 20

Generally speaking

…every business should have a business plan. Preferably written, reviewed, edited, reviewed and edited ad infinitum (ad nauseum?) until it’s complete. But it can’t be rigid. There must be flexibility. And this means it’ll need to be rewritten over time … Continue reading

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Feb 17

Delays And Designs

U huh. It’s becoming a habit. No post for a week, then another saying “woah, way busy”. Sad, but true. However, it is also true that as of next Friday I’ll be starting one of the courses I’m taking for … Continue reading

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Feb 02

Web Design 101

…but first – geekage! Geek.com has an interesting article on how Facebook is working towards world domination… Technabob has one about a game-to-real-life conversion: ammo counter for guns but the best of the bunch for tonight… a short clip by … Continue reading

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Jan 12

Partnerships, Photography & COOKIES!

Couple of quick links: For the photographers among us, geek.com has an article on a new camera accessory from Olympus that will let you send your photos wirelessly from your camera to your computer. Note – not from a phone, … Continue reading

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Nov 22

The Kegarator

OK, so, I know a few of my friends enjoy the odd beer or other drink while playing on their computer. It’s something I certainly have before. So, what happens when you take that enjoyment to the extreme? You get … Continue reading

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Nov 02

Rising Energy Prices and Computer Costs

I’ve often suggested to clients that computers don’t need to be shut down every night; in fact, in my opinion, a computer only needs to be turned off once or twice a week, if that, as continual shutting down and … Continue reading

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