Jan 25

Free Websites and Small Business

Just to be completely redundant and state the obvious (because stating the obvious is sometimes required to make a point), I build websites for free for community groups and non-profit organisations. Needless to say, it’s quite an attractive proposition for groups who can find it very hard to find funds to attain their goals. I also build websites for small business, at very competitive prices. I am a small business. I know how hard it can be to make it work. But in order to be able to build websites for nothing, or at a low cost, I need to find another way to support my family.

And so I have. But the means of subsidising the free and low-cost websites does more than just pay my way. It also provides an much-needed income stream for the not-for-profit, as well as low-cost marketing and brand exposure for local/small businesses. Sounds pretty good, huh? How’s it work? You’ll have to contact me to find out ;)

Now, I’ve recently made a couple of posts on Facebook about some interesting statistics for Cardinia Shire and community organisations. Quite clearly, there is a desperate need for support in the Shire. My question is… how do I promote and sell what I’m doing more effectively to provide that support…?

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