Jun 19

Want to hack your own Kinect? Or are you stupid enough to smash an iPod?

A day or so ago, Microsoft announced the release of the SDK (software development kit) for the Kinect. You can find the download link and more information here. The system requirements aren’t all that massive. What it means is that basically anyone who can program in a .NET language or .NET aware language can now do so for the Kinect. Nifty. Keep in mind it is a beta, and you kinda do need the Kinect for xbox 360 sensor. So what does it really mean? We’re going to see a whole heap more of really crappy pseudo-hacks and probably some really awesome ones too. I can’t wait. No, really.

Meanwhile, Google have announced changes, or advances, to their search capabilities, most notable for me was their voice search for Chrome and improved image search. You can read more over at CNet.

On a side note, I currently have somewhere between ten and twenty somewhat disenchanted teens that I’m teaching high school equivalents to. They’re good kids, for the most part, and I have no doubt that some will survive the experience and go on to better things. But then I read about Taylor Wilson. He’s 17. And he’s just built a gadget that can detect nuclear weapons inside cargo containers. Get this though. It works by way of the nuclear fusion reactor he built when he was 14. Now, I know why I can’t be teaching a teenager like him. But geez. No offense to any of my current students, I sure would like to. Day-amn! Check out his site.

Sigh. We play the hand we’re dealt:

Now, if you’ve ever run into download limit problems with your internet plan, you need to read this article (link below) at gizmodo. For quite a long while I’ve been under the impression Australian’s have it pretty sucky in terms of internet service compared to the rest of the world, and these guys haven’t done much to diminish that. Read about bandwidth caps around the world here. Bring on the NBN!

And in more local news, if you’re in and around Pakenham, keep an eye out for the new Pakenham Residential stickers that are going to be popping up all over the place very soon ;)

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