May 14

Happy Clients, Happy Business

There are some clients you absolutely love to have as clients. They listen, they think, they ask intelligent questions, and make good decisions. They know how much they’re prepared to pay, but will spend more if given reasonable justification. They’re great – and most of mine are just like that. And their numbers are growing almost daily, it seems. I’m now having to schedule new clients in to the future, or risk overloading myself and not getting anything done… and watch this space, because in about a month, I may have some very big news.

Kinect Hack of the Day: “Mothership” giving orders to two “drones”

Star Trek fans need to read this: it’s your chance to win $10 million… and all you have to do is invent the tricorder! Piece of cake!

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

And I think we may have mentioned it briefly before, but there’s always a good reason to check out Google’s self-driving car (this time at

I’m off to work on my tricorder!

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